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Red Kite Learning TrustSixth Form
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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Team

In addition to a Form Tutor your child will be supported by the following people:

Bursary queries, absences, administrative queries:

Miss J Bedford
Sixth Form Administrators, 0113 390 0770 ext. 7250

First point of contact for any queries:

Mrs Pearson
Sixth Form Pastoral Leader, 0113 390 0770 ext. 7269

Miss Newman
KS5 Phase Leader, 0113 390 0770 ext. 7272



One of the key differences between Sixth Form and the other year groups is that students are allowed to go off site when they don’t have a lesson, form time or study period.

Students are made aware that if they are leaving in between lessons then they must sign out before doing so. This is so that we can account for those who are out of the building and ensure we are meeting our safeguarding responsibilities. If you DO NOT wish your child to be able to leave site in between lessons, please would you put this in writing to Mrs Pearson. If you have any concerns over your child’s safety or wish to speak to someone about an issue, please also contact Mrs Pearson.

Students are required to wear a lanyard displaying their school name and an ID badge with their name and photograph.  This is part of the Safeguarding Policy and so that we can distinguish between partnership students.  Students swipe in and out of the building so that their arrival and departure from the building is recorded between lessons.


Reporting their own absence is something we encourage students in Sixth Form to do as they would do if they were in the workplace.

The procedure is much the same as they would have adhered to lower down the school in that we require a phone call to the absence line on the day of each absence. In the case of a planned absence such as a hospital appointment, funeral or interview students are required to complete a YELLOW SLIP and have this signed by the form tutor and handed to the Sixth Form office. Students are required to make their own arrangements to collect the work missed. In cases of unplanned absence, the Sixth Form Team will endeavour to inform individual tutors of lessons affected. The number for the absence line in Sixth Form is different to main school. Please use 0113 390 0776.

Pastoral Support

Students can expect pastoral support when needed throughout their time with us.

We understand that some support may be long term depending on circumstances and may be needed in the short term also. Although we encourage independence in our Sixth Form students we do not expect them to struggle in silence and so we promote learning conversations which take into account the “whole person” including family members, outside issues, work related issues, bereavement, loss, family separation etc. If you feel that your son or daughter’s happiness, well-being or progress is being affected by any issues, please talk to us. The Sixth Form Team are here to ensure that every member succeeds whatever their worries.

Form Time Attendance

Form Time attendance is compulsory and makes up a student’s learning hours which contribute to a full time course.

It is important that every member of the Sixth Form attends so that we can track their progress, UCAS applications, careers advice needs, offer pastoral support and enrich the learning experience through debate and current affairs. Assemblies are held fortnightly and are usually attended by representatives from Universities, Careers, Apprenticeships, Voluntary Services, Health and Well Being services for example. Students who choose not to attend form will find that their attendance figure is greatly affected as this is when the mark is collected which contributes to their overall figure. This is the figure that employers and universities ask us for in a reference. Due to safeguarding and legal reasons, attendance certificates have to be marked as unauthorised absence if students fail to attend for any other reason than a planned absence or illness.

Study Sessions

Study sessions are compulsory and make up a student’s full time learning hours.

They are designed to support independent study, homework, reading round their subjects and can be used by Year 13 to complete their UCAS application if all of their work is up to date.  Students are asked to come prepared for the session which means not using the hour for photocopying, collecting resources or going to see teachers.  A register is taken and absence is chased up.  We have two facilities in Sixth Form – a quiet, supervised study area with ample computers and a social study area which is informally supervised and can be used for group work and research.  In some cases, Year 12 will be prioritised for the quiet study area so that they can establish productive work ethics and routines.

There is more to Sixth Form than exams and we aim to develop our students to have well placed confidence in their future by enriching their time with us.

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