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Learning Qualities & Values

At Temple Moor, we want students to be resourceful and resilient, to be ambitious and to self-regulate their behaviours, thus achieving their full potential and making a positive contribution to the changing world around them. They demonstrate strength of character with confidence and respect diversity of thought and opinion. We prepare our learners for life beyond education, but also to instil confidence and skills to overcome barriers they may face.

To identify key values, we consulted with local employers across a range of job sectors to identify what qualities they looked for in employees, with a view to embedding these in our students.

We received responses including:

“A motivated individual with a willingness to learn.”

“Someone who is driven to succeed.”

“Willing to continually learn and develop.”

“Someone who can work well within a team

“A positive, reliable and can-do attitude.”


In living out our vision, we seek to instil our shared values of Character, Ambition, Respect and Endeavour (CARE).

Using the rewards system, we celebrate members of our community who demonstrate these values both in the classroom and around school. The tiered system recognises students who are demonstrating our shared values on a consistent basis, with students accumulating a total. Each half term in celebration assemblies, students are rewarded with shopping vouchers, rewards breakfasts, phone calls home from members of SLT and a film event at KS3. We communicate these rewards with parents and carers through certificates in planners and as part of the reports process.

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Learning Qualities

Launched in 2018, and regenerated in September 2023 based on the latest research, these Learning Qualities have become a fundamental part of Temple Moor which we promote to students and which they demonstrate throughout the school day.

These have been carefully sequenced as a Golden curriculum thread in school, interwoven into each subject’s curriculum planning, to develop and deepen these qualities in all aspects of their school experience. At KS4 the Learning Qualities programme has been developed further to model its application through study skills.

Throughout the year, rewards assemblies are held to recognise the achievement of students who have demonstrated the Learning Qualities consistently.

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Quality Time

Since 2018, we have embedded Quality Time as a feature of all lessons at Temple Moor. Quality Time is a minimum of ten minutes in each period of the school day, across all subjects, whereby the teacher takes a step back and allows students to take ownership and independence of their own learning.

Quality Time enables students to demonstrate, refine and develop one aspect of the school’s Learning Qualities in each lesson, with tasks selected that are most appropriate to a particular Quality and also to the context of the lesson. This focused time provides learners with opportunity to develop key skills required in both education and the wider world of employment. This is particularly relevant to KS4 and KS5 students who are preparing themselves for higher education and apprenticeships.

During Quality Time, students will complete a range of challenging tasks, both written and practical. Examples may include, but are not limited to, extended writing, planning, reading, analysis or assessment.  These carefully planned activities, which are completed in silence, encourage students to ‘think ahead’ so that they are prepared and able to access the work without being reliant upon the teacher. A visible timer enables students to manage their time effectively to complete the task.

Quality Time better prepares students to be ‘exam ready’ so that they are familiar and confident with working in exam conditions. Walking into an exam hall can be a daunting experience; therefore, Quality Time prepares students to be self-reliant and equipped to tackle any barriers they may face when they are in silence in an exam hall and unable to ask for support.

Quality Time 23

Student Leaders

In developing our shared values, we run an effective student council in school, with applications open to all students to apply. Through applications and an interview process we elect members of the student council who have applied to one of three departments; diversity, sustainability and culture. To give all students a voice, we promote the benefits of democracy and run a democratic process across school to select the leaders of each department. 

At KS5 we provide a platform for our Sixth Form students to share experiences with their younger peers to inspire and raise aspirations.

All KS5 students undertake community work as part of their studies, with opportunities including supporting Read to Succeed with lower school students and in-class revision support for KS4. In this leadership role, they themselves will develop and demonstrate the skills required to apply for University, apprenticeships and better prepare them for life beyond Temple Moor. This supports students to be role models and have a positive impact with younger students. Year 13 have all completed work experience so have experienced first-hand the importance of the Learning Qualities within a work setting, which they are able to reflect upon and share. 

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