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Criminology Curriculum

Subject aim

Criminology is an exciting and dynamic subject which provides students with an introduction to criminal justice through a scientific study of criminal behaviour. The course offers students fascinating experiences that focus on applied learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system.

Our aim is to develop the knowledge and skills of students to consider a wide variety of crimes, from all perspectives of the criminal justice system. With many opportunities to build on their cultural capital, they will prepare themselves for the realities of being citizens in the local, national and global worlds in which they will live and work.


Details about the curriculum structure

WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology is a qualification with elements of Psychology, Law and Sociology that complements studies in Humanities. This is an Applied General qualification.

Criminology is an ambitious but inclusive curriculum which aims to develop not only a sound knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system and the processes and roles within it, but also encourages and allows for students to develop crucial analysis skills in examining how crime affects victims and society and are encouraged to debate explanations for why crimes occur developing communication & argumentation skills.

Through controlled assessment units, students are encouraged to think, research and investigate independently in order to unpick how law enforcement and the mechanisms of the criminal justice system operate. There is opportunity for creative thinking in the form of designing a campaign for change where students research existing real-life campaigns and consider their effectiveness whilst developing excellent ICT skills.

As with all subjects at KS5, students are taught Criminology over 8 hours per fortnight.


What will students study?

The Criminology course is modular thus students will be assessed after each unit in the winter term and again in the spring term of both year 12 and 13.

Unit 1

Changing Awareness of Crime will enable the students to demonstrate understanding of different types of crime, influences on perceptions of crime and why some crimes are unreported. They analyse campaigns for change and plan, design and justify their own campaign for change relating to an unreported crime in an unseen brief.

Assessment is an 8-hour NEA controlled assessment completed in exam conditions within school, marked by teachers and moderated by the exam board.


Unit 2

Criminological Theories will allow students to gain an understanding of why people commit crime examining sociological, biological and psychological explanations, drawing on what they have learned in Unit 1.

Assessment is a 90-minute exam worth 75 marks.

Unit 3

Crime Scene to Courtroom will provide an understanding of the criminal justice system from the moment a crime has been identified to the verdict. Students will develop the understanding and skills needed to examine information in order to review the justice of verdicts in criminal cases and to consider how and why miscarriages of justice occur.

Assessment is an 8-hour NEA controlled assessment completed in exam conditions within school, marked by teachers and moderated by the exam board.

Unit 4

Crime and Punishment allows students to apply their understanding of the awareness of criminality, criminological theories and the process of bringing an accused to court in order to evaluate the effectiveness of social control to deliver criminal justice policy.

Assessment is a 90-minute exam worth 75 marks.

Qualification we offer 

WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology


Where could this subject ultimately take you?

Studying Criminology equips you with the skills and knowledge required to access higher education courses in fields such as: Criminology, Law & Criminal Justice, and Psychology.

Additionally, the qualification allows learners to gain the required understanding and skills to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice system, e.g. Probation officer, Social worker, Cyber intelligence officer or Youth offending team officer.

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