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For Students, Parents/Carers

The Behaviour System

As a school, we have high expectations of behaviour as well as academic progress.  

We value and foster a climate of mutual respect that supports a positive learning environment for all.  Any community requires basic rules in order for it to function effectively and a school community is no different.  Our young people need clear, unambiguous rules, which are understood by all and are focused on supporting effective teaching and learning.  The vast majority of our young people will always follow the rules and behave responsibly and are rewarded for doing so.

When the students do make mistakes, we consider it our responsibility to help educate them into making the right choices. The school behaviour system is designed to support our young people in achieving this expectation by providing clarity and consistency in terms of our expectations, sanctions and rewards systems.  We believe that the good behaviour of young people in our school is not dependent on having draconian sanctions but on developing a culture of success and achievement for all, where students value their education and recognise the progress they are making towards achieving their ambitions and potential. At Temple Moor, we are open and fair with children, presenting them with clear rules that are about supporting teaching and learning, rewarding children for their successes, but also having clear and consistent sanctions for when things go wrong. We look for the positive and believe in building strong relationships with young people that give them the confidence to succeed. The school behaviour system provides the structure for this success. The system is taught explicitly to students on their induction into year 7 and is retaught to all students every term to ensure they are empowered to make positive choices.

NB: We reserve the right, under exceptional circumstances, to insist that a student accesses their educational provision in an alternative provision to Temple Moor High School, that better suits their specific circumstances and/or the needs of the rest of the school population.

Read our Behaviour for Learning Policy here

Behaviour & Rewards Presentation

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