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For Students, Parents/Carers

Charging & Remissions

Temple Moor High School recognises the key role that activities, including trips, residentials, extra-curricular clubs and groups can provide in broadening the student experience and underpinning the curriculum.

We want to ensure all students, irrelevant of their financial position, are able to experience as many activities as possible. As a parent / carer it is important you are aware of our Charging and Remissions Policy.

A full copy of the RKLT’s Charging & Remissions Policy can be found here, but some key information is outlined for you below.

Charges that cannot be made

The Local Governing Board of the school recognise that legislation prohibits charges for the following:

  • education provided during school hours (including the supply of any materials, books, instruments or other equipment including Tablet PC)

  • education provided outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the student is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education

  • instrumental or vocal tuition for pupils learning individually or in groups, unless the tuition is provided at the request of the student’s parent

  • entry for a prescribed public examination, if the student has been prepared for it at the school

  • examination re-sits if the student is being prepared for the re-sit at the school. However, if a student fails, without good reason, to meet any examination requirement for a syllabus, the fee can be recovered from the student’s parents

  • education provided on any trip that takes place during school hours

  • supply teachers to cover for those teachers who are absent from school accompanying students on an educational visit

  • transporting registered students to or from the school premises, where the local education authority has a statutory obligation to provide transport

  • transporting registered students to other premises where the Governing Board or local education authority has arranged for students to be educated

  • transport that enables a student to meet an examination requirement when he or she has been prepared for that examination at the school

  • transport provided in connection with an educational trip in school time.

Charges that will be made

The Governing Board of the School recognise that legislation allows charges for the following:

  • board and lodging on residential  trips, including that of necessary supervisory staff  (not to exceed the costs)

  • the proportionate costs for an individual student for activities wholly or mainly outside school hours (‘optional extras’) to meet the costs for:

    • travel
    • materials and equipment
    • non-teaching staff costs
    • entrance fees
    • insurance costs
  • vocal and musical instrument tuition. – our charges are £80 per term, £240 per year.

  • re-sits for public examinations where no further preparation has been provided by the school

  • examination fees where a student fails without good reason to sit the exam

  • any other education, transport or examinations where no further preparation has been provided by the school

  • any other education, transport or examination fee unless charges are specifically prohibited

  • breakages and replacements as a result of damages caused wilfully or negligently by students

  • extra-curricular activities and school clubs

  • any extended school activity

  • damage/vandalism/loss to and of school property

  • school lockers – offered primarily to Year 7 students, and then on a ‘first come, first served basis’  £10 one off, a non-refundable payment is required and the locker key and padlock should be returned (undamaged) when the student leaves school.

  • school planners – for the replacement of a student planner in the event of any loss or damage. Price is £5.00, which is to be reviewed annually and applied accordingly

  • mini bus – only the school’s students, staff or parents may travel at a charge in the schools’ minibus. No profit will be made from the use of the minibus


Students whose parents are in receipt of the following support payments will, on addition to having a free school lunch entitlement, also be entitled to the remission of charges for board and lodging costs during residential school trips. The relevant support payments are:

  • Income Support

  • Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • Child Tax Credit, provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the family’s income (as assessed by HMRC) does not exceed £16,190

  • Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit

  • Universal Credit in prescribed circumstances. (The government plans to prescribe the circumstances when Universal Credit is fully rolled out)

  • An income related employment and support allowance

  • Working Tax Credit run-on paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit

Individual Cases of Financial Difficulty

Requests for financial assistance should be made in writing to the Principal, upon receipt of the letter outlining the details of the activity, or as soon as parents are aware that an activity is to take place:

  • the Principal may be able to agree flexible, extended payment terms

  • the Principal holds a small contingency fund to support requests for financial assistance. ‘Essential’ activities will take preference over ‘non-essential’

  • parents in receipt of the above benefits will be considered as first priority for assistance

  • in most cases, parents will be asked to bear 50% of the cost

  • all cases will be treated individually and in the strictest confidence

Voluntary contributions

Parents will be invited to make a voluntary contribution for the following:

  • educational trips

  • reward trips

  • fund raising events

The terms of any request made to parents will specify that it is a voluntary contribution and in no way represents a charge.  In addition the following will be made clear to parents:

  • that the contribution is genuinely voluntary and a parent is under no obligation to pay

  • that registered students at the school will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request.

  • The Principal is responsible for making it clear to parents at the outset if an activity cannot be funded without voluntary contributions. A letter will be sent to parents to explain that without parents support the activity will not take place.

The terms of any request made to parents will specify that it is a voluntary contribution and in no way represents a charge.  In addition the following will be made clear to parents:

  • Supplement the transport and activities costs in association with any Educational or Reward visits/ trip

  • Support fund raising events in aid of the school or registered charities

  • Any excess contributions received will be used to support further school activities or they will be transferred to the school’s delegated budget share

School Meals

The Local Governing Board determines and publishes the price to be charged for school meals each year.

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